Deer Velvet and your Cardiovascular Health

Millions suffer from poor heart health and blood flow.

There is a research paper from a 1998 Noble prize winner regarding cardiovascular health. It is an extensive article but well worth reading.

The part that caught my attention is in regard to the amino acid L-arginine which is in Deer Velvet.


Keeping our blood vessels relaxed and elastic is very important to supporting our cardiovascular system.

According to Dr Mercola “L-arginine is an amino acid functioning as a building block of proteins. Your body produces L-arginine and it plays a significant role in multiple areas of your physiology and metabolism. One of the most important areas L-arginine significantly affects is your cardiovascular system… in particular, your blood vessel vitality.”

Dr Mercola lists the following causes that may cause a L-arginine deficiency.


  • Might not consume and digest enough protein
  • Could require more L-arginine in your system due to genetics
  • May be prone to low levels of antioxidants and excessive free radicals
  • If we consume enough natural protein and the right natural foods to increase antioxidant nutrients this can help. But as a normal part of the aging process your bodily functions seem to slow down and become less efficient

We at Gevir firmly believe that Deer Velvet is a natural and easy way to absorb your L-arginine supplement.

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