Gevir’s 5 Top Tips for Summer

It’s a busy time of year so here are our top simple tips to stay on top of your health this party season with Gevir Deer Antler Velvet.


1. Start your day off with a lemon water, it will kick start your digestion system.
Paired with Gevir Deer Antler Velvet, with its high amounts of Omega 3 and 6, this will help your metabolism stay healthy and regular all summer long.

2. Eat locally & seasonally.
Seasonal, local produce is grown, picked and eaten at its peak and therefore contains optimal levels of health-boosting vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Gevir Deer Antler Velvet is jam-packed with minerals that are great for you, but you can not go wrong with some summer fruit and veg to top you up!


3. Get outdoors & get active.
Make the most of this beautiful weather. Go for a walk, hire a paddle board – it doesn’t matter, just soak up some vitamin D and work up a sweat. Make sure you use sunscreen though! With Gevir Deer Antler Velvet you will have the energy and strength to keep up with all your friends this summer – and recover faster!

4. Relax.
Although it’s a busy time of year make sure you take some time out for yourself. Once the year gets back into swing you may not have the time to sit back and read a book. Deer velvet is known for increasing your mental clarity due to the improvement of blood-flow & oxygenation around your entire body.

5. Take your Gevir capsules every day!
You must have seen that one coming. Gevir Deer Antler Velvet will keep you feeling energised & your skin looking beautiful all summer long.

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