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Your pet’s health is important. Like you, we love our pets and want to make sure they have an active and happy life. Gevir Deer Antler Velvet Pet Supplements have been developed to help your best friend to achieve optimum well being and health.


Gevir Deer Velvet Pet Supplements are a natural, tasty and chewable treat that can be used in conjunction with your pets normal diet.

Just like with humans, your pets can reap benefits from deer antler velvet supplementation.

As our pets age, things that were once second nature become an effort. Just like their owners, animals develop osteoarthritis, tumors, immune disorders, bone fatigue and fractures and even the simple aches and pains of old age.


What does Gevir Pets Deer Antler velvet supplement contain that helps your pets?

Deer antler velvet contains almost 40 key compounds, including calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulfur, protein, collagen, lipids, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, and prostaglandins.

What are the benefits of those compounds for your pet? It varies, but almost all have to do with strengthening the body’s tissues, cells and immune system.

Calcium: Needed for strong bones and teeth.

Magnesium: Storing and releasing cell energy.

Selenium: An anti-oxidant.

Chondroitin: An extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Glucosamine: A naturally occurring amino sugar that is the main component of the synovial fluid that lubricates and acts as a shock absorber for the joints.

Prostaglandins: Also powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

L-Dopa: An amino acid that helps important brain functions like sleep, mood and learning. It also helps with the body’s responsiveness to releasing HGH into the body’s blood stream.

Gevir Deer antler velvet is a safe and proven solution for alleviating many of the ailments your pet might be experiencing.



Pets under 20kgs: 1 tablet daily.
Pets over 20kgs: 2 tablet daily.


As the proud owners of a Boxer dog this powder has definitely improved his quality of life. Angus (the Boxer) has for some time suffered from a severe skin condition affecting the lower levels of skin. After years of antibiotics and other medication-none of which seemed to work, we were told the only other option was to operate on the affected areas. Three years ago… I decided to try Deer Velvet powder on my dog. After only six weeks Angus was off all other medications, the legs were clear of all infection and he seemed happier all round… Angus is now eleven years old and still keeps up with us on our weekend treks.

C Elsley, Auckland

Our pony called Taffy had ringbone arthritis in his right hock. He limped badly and the children were unable to ride him. The vets put him on anti-inflamatories which has undesirable side effects.

We decided to take him to a vet who believed in alternative medicines for animals. He suggested Deer Antler Velvet. Working on his weight and a human adult does, we decided a tablespoon a day was appropriate. We gave this to him mixed with grain. He didn’t notice it unless we heated the feed in any way, the heat made the velvet strong, which he objected to.

The first thing we noticed was a change in spirit, he was so much brighter. He then started allowing the children to ride him and go over small jumps, which he hadn’t been able to do before. We were also able to float him for the day at Pony Club, without any visible limp. His coat became very soft and shiny and he also had more energy.

After a period of time, the blacksmith commented on the improvement and hardening hoofs. The bad joint had no more swelling.

Over time, we were able to reduce the tablespoon and still maintain his health. We were rapt with the result of using Gevir Deer Velvet.

D Greene, Takapau New Zealand

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