Nature’s Premiere Anti-Aging Tonic

Nobody wants to fall victim to the ravages of old age. What if you could improve your sleep, maintain your memory, boost your mood, increase your sex drive, and slow or possibly reverse the symptoms of ageing? It turns out deer antler velvet has a long history of use as an anti-ageing and longevity tonic because it’s been shown to do just that, and then some.


The growth factors and growth hormone precursors present in deer antler velvet hold the key to its anti-ageing effects. Growth hormone production begins to fall off around the age of 25, with a sharp decline seen in the early 30’s. When your body shifts from an anabolic or growth state to a catabolic or state of breaking down, the signs of ageing slowly creep in. For some this starts in their 30’s, while others may remain youthful well into their 50’s. Diet, lifestyle, and genetics all play a roll. The growth factors in deer antler velvet help one remain young in body and mind by supplying the raw materials needed to rebuild, restore, and rejuvenate.

Growth hormones have been shown to help slow down and even reverse symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, gray hair, decreased energy and sexual function, increased body fat, cardiovascular disease, and more. Deer antler velvet increases the volume, circulation, and oxygen carrying capacity of blood throughout the body by stimulating the formation of red blood cells and nourishing bone marrow. The anabolic affects of deer antler velvet cause tissue growth thus helping repair areas of the body that have degenerated like joints and bones. Deer antler velvet also stimulates the immune system, preventing illness, and is often given to the elderly in the winter when they’re most susceptible to illness.

The extraordinary health promoting benefits of deer antler velvet are certainly not lost on the Chinese. Chinese medicine has used the superior tonic to strengthen life force, or Chi, and increase sexual potency, which is believed to extend one’s lifespan. The adaptogenic properties of deer antler velvet help the body adapt to stress of all kinds and thrive during challenging times.

Not only is deer antler velvet renowned for its exceptional restorative and regenerating effects, but also its ability to promote a long healthy life. Studies have revealed that it benefits a plethora of mental and physical health processes that are involved with aging, including strengthening the mind and increasing the quality and length of life. If you wish to remain young in body and mind as you age, you owe it to yourself to explore and experience the benefits of deer antler velvet first hand.

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