Gevir Deer Velvet Pets 90 Tablets


Gevir Deer Velvet Pets 90 Tablets

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Health Benefits

  • Supports joint mobility
  • Supports recovery after surgery
  • Supports immune system function
  • Gives a healthier looking coat
  • Is a great treat for your pets
  • Is naturally farmed sustainable Deer Velvet

Recommended dosage

Pets under 20kgs: 1 tablet daily.
Pets over 20kgs: 2 tablet daily.

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Gevir Deer Velvet Pets.

Happier, Healthier Lives for your Pets

Your pet’s health is important. Like you, we love our pets and want to make sure they have an active and happy life. Gevir Deer Velvet Pets Supplements have been developed to help your best friend to achieve optimum well being and health.

Gevir Deer Velvet Pets Supplements are a natural, tasty and chewable treat that can be used in conjunction with your pets normal diet.

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