Top Gevir Deer velvet farmers win Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the Year Award

We are proud to announce that Gevir Deer Velvet farmers Grant and Sally Charteris have recently been awarded Silver Fern Farms Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the Year Award.

This is an amazing achievement from a family so passionate about the New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet industry and supporters of Gevir.


“There’s nothing more enjoyable in my job than when the grass is growing and feeding grain to the velvet and trophy stags and monitoring their progress on a daily basis. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning,” he says with pride.

Judges of the Silver Fern Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the Year award made special mention of the passion that came through as they put winners and deer farmers Grant and Sally Charteris and their Tikokino business through the hoops before deciding on the winner that was announced at the Napier Port Primary Sector Awards last week.

The passion for, knowledge of and commitment to the deer industry are such that perhaps the most difficult question to answer. What would 38-year-old Mr Charteris be doing if he wasn’t farming deerĀ (500 breeding hinds, 400 velvet stags, 220 R1 hinds and 220 R1 stags) as well as cattle and small number of sheep?

Simply, he can’t imagine doing anything else.

There’s a certain infectious romance to farming deer for velvet for Hawke’s Bay farmer Grant Charteris.

Grant Charteris didn’t have to become a farmer, but he said: “It is a passion. There’s no other animal that gets me out of bed each day as deer do”.

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“The velvet and the antlers are like an addiction, I guess.”

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