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Renewed In Nature. Restorative For You.

The fastest growing mammal tissue on earth, deer velvet grows in 60 to 90 days, sometimes at one to two centimetres per day.
Rich in naturally occurring nutrients, deer velvet promotes good health, healing and immunity, and increases stamina and energy.

Deer Velvet
An Adaptogen

Adaptogens are described as substances that increase the body’s ability, as a whole, to withstand stress and ward off exhaustion. Most adaptogens are natural remedies with long histories of traditional use. Modern research shows adaptogens have non-specific abilities to strengthen an organisms resistance to ageing, illness and fatigue.

The ingredients in NZ Deer Velvet are raw materials our bodies need to create substances needed for good health. Adaptogens, in this case Deer Velvet, assist with a wide range of conditions creating balance and harmony in the body when needed.

Adaptogens are classified as non-toxic.

Modern research shows adaptogens have non-specific abilities to strengthen an organisms resistance to ageing, illness and fatigue.


Gevir Premium Deer Velvet

An amazing combination
of many substances

Amino acids

Deer Velvet contains over 20 amino acids included in these are the eight essential amino acids we have to obtain from our food. Amino acids are essential for the body to build and repair. Collagen: Is the major protein important in the connective tissues of our skin, hair and bones. Collagen is required by our bodies for healthy cells, joints and tissue repair.


Velvet contains a large amount of lipids. Linolenic acid and prostaglandins two very important substances. Our body turns linolenic acid into G.L.A., which then plays a role in helping to maintain the levels of prostaglandins. Simply, prostaglandins are cell function regulators and exercise control over just about everything in our body, telling it how to react to infection, inflammation and pain. Lipids are required for cell growth and energy.


Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which together make up a vast proportion of the human skeleton, silicon for the bone and cartilage formation, zinc is necessary in growing and repairing of body tissue, maintaining the immune system and nourishing healthy hair, eyes and skin. It tunes the male reproductive system, maintains the function of the prostate gland and the production of testosterone in men. Manganese helps in the synthesis of cartilage and in the development and maintenance of healthy bones. Manganese is vital for the production of glycoprotein’s which surround and protect our body’s cells from attacks of viruses. Iron is needed for the production of haemoglobin, to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen around our body. Copper is involved in iron metabolism. Selenium ,an important trace mineral. Potassium and sodium control the passage of substances in and out of cells .Nitrogen is important in the muscles. All these nutrients contribute in some way to a healthy immune system.

IGF 1 & 2

Insulin like growth factors for muscle development, growth and maintenance of bones and stimulates cartilage growth.IGF 2 assists tissue growth and the development of organs.

Omega 3 & 6

Essential fatty acids that boost energy and support cellular activity.


Which is important for elasticity of joints and a building block for joint cartilage.


Oestrone, testosterone and a substance similar to progesterone Male and female hormones are found in NZ deer velvet which could relate to the Chinese use of it for infertility in men and women and the beneficial effect it has during menopause. Hormones are also involved in the good health of our bones. While the use of Deer Velvet in Oriental medicine has a long tradition, scientific evaluation of its purported pharmacological and bio-active effects is more recent. Studies originate mainly from the former U.S.S.R., also Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and in recent years New Zealand; partly as a result of work by Brekhmans and others, there is increasing interest in products which have a tonic effect.

This is where velvet has found its niche. Oriental tradition believes in the promotion of good health and prevention of illness. We recommend anyone who is in persistent pain to see their Medical Practitioner and continue to take all prescribed medicine. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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